Windy Hill Farm - Jackson, TN
David & Deb Johnson, Owners/Breeders
Goats For Sale
  Yearling Does For Sale -

      We have several YEARLINGS for sale.  All were born March 2013.

      Lots of color, several white.  Call for more information.

The following Yearlings are available: 

C29 - Caroline. 
Born: 3-2-13.  Birth Wt:  5lbs.  Quadruplet     Sire:  Hoss
   ADG: .310   Farm Index: 88   (Very friendly, likes to be petted)

C48 - Born: 3-4-13.  Birth Wt:  8.25lbs   Twin  Sire:  Rocky
   ADG: .243lbs   Farm Index: 90

C69 - Born: 3-5-13.  Birth Wt: 6.25lbs   Twin   Sire:  Sarah's Son 
   ADG: .282lbs   Farm Index: 91

C81 - Born: 3-5-13.  Birth Wt: 6.0lbs  Triplet   Sire:  Rocky 
    ADG: .288lbs   Farm Index: 85
C93 - Born: 3-6-13.  Birth Wt:  7.75lbs  Twin   Sire:  Rocky
  ADG: .294lbs   Farm Index: 91

C95 - Born: 3-6-13.  Birth Wt: 7.5lbs  Twin   Sire: Sarah's Son
   ADG: .320lbs   Farm Index: 97

C96 - Born: 3-6-13.  Birth Wt: 5.5lbs  Twin   Sire: Sarah's Son
   ADG: .329lbs   Farm Index: 108  

C104 - Born: 3-7-13.  Birth Wt:  7.5lbs   Triplet  Sire:  Rocky
   ADG:  .251lbs   Farm Index: 80

C105 - Born: 3-7-13.  Birth Wt:  7.0lbs  Triplet    Sire:  Rocky
   ADG: .245lbs   Farm Index: 88 
C127 - Born: 3-8-13.  Birth WT: 6lbs.  Triplet   Sire:  Hoss
   This girl has blue eyes like her mama, Laura.... 

- Born: 3-8-13.  Birth Wt:  6.75lbs   Triplet   Sire:  Hoss 
   ADG: .277lbs   Farm Index: 100



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